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The IOT Technology Intelligence Service enables companies to perform a valuable and actionable combination of in-depth and strategic analysis. The information easily allows comparison between similar devices in a given application group or across multiple applications.

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The Ultimate Competitive Benchmarking Service

IHS Teardowns deliver the depth, breadth, and accuracy you need to make cost-effective tactical and strategic decisions.  The Teardown Analysis Service from IHS provides complete, detailed analysis of electronics, from small devices such as wireless handsets and tablets to larger equipment such as servers and automotive infotainment systems.  IHS Teardowns delivers a complete assessment of all electronic, electro-mechanical, and mechanical components.  Benchmarking tools like IHS Teardowns can help a device balance cost-effectiveness and feature-richness to satisfy the intended target market profitably.

Why IHS for Teardowns?

  • Complete costed list of all electronic and electro-mechanical components that includes parametric (manufacture / part number), dimensional and costing per component.  

  • 1:1 relation between photos of all device parts and components (sub-assemblies, printed circuit boards, and mechanical assemblies and parts).

  • Summary Cost Analysis is included to enable views of cost summaries by Assembly, Function, Component Family, Component Type, Top Cost Drivers, and Major Integrated Circuits (ICs)

  • Understand the cost of components and features that drive the total cost of a device.  Enabling companies to know what they need in their devices and how much that device should cost.

    • Establishes a cost benchmark (Total device and component level)

    • Design comparisons (Cost and Qty) and Feature comparison/necessity

    • Visualization of better board layout opportunities, assembly methods, and feature selection.

An IHS Teardown Photo is worth 1000 words.

  • A complete and digitized accounting of all components and parts that make up a device.  
  • Ability to Visualize the impact of a feature/function implemented in a device via board layout, component selection, cost of solution; and compare  feature/function between similar devices in the IHS teardown library.

Teardown Analysis Visualization

Real Time Access to Latest Teardowns

As product life cycles decrease, time is of the essence to understand latest feature trends, cost effective component selection and design solutions.  IHS provides real time access to teardowns.  As soon as we obtain a device to teardown, disassembly and photography occur and results posted online immediately each day.  As a Teardown Intelligence Service subscriber, you have access to that teardown instantly, from beginning to end.  Each day you can see photos added, components identified, through pricing completion.  We also identify and price the top cost drivers at the very beginning of a teardown so you are aware of major cost drivers in a device.

IHS Teardown Process

What is included in an IHS Teardown Intelligence Services?

(Grouped by Specific device types, access to all Files, Photos, and Full Teardown UI)

•  All IHS Teardowns -  (Access all historical and future devices within year)  
•  Mobile Handsets - (Access all historical and minimum 40 devices/year)   
•  Tablets/eReaders/Notebooks - (Access all historical and minimum 20 devices/year)  
•  Automotive - (Access all historical and minimum 12 devices/year)  
•  IOT - (Access all historical and minimum 20 devices/year)  

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