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Smart Grid & Energy Storage

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The smart grid is poised to forever alter the way will live, work and play. It’s ushering the energy industry into an era of increased availability, reliability and efficiency. At the same time, the global market for grid-connected energy storage systems is fast expanding. With these changes, though, come many unknowns.

Learn about the latest developments in the energy storage and smart grid markets via our detailed and accurate research across all key segments of the industry.

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  • Julian Jansen, Mike Longson | September 09, 2019
    Key policy announcements in August: Residential subsidies were launched Bavaria (Germany), London (United Kingdom), Oregon (United States) and the Australian Capital Territory. Residential energy storage comes into focus as policy makers launch new subsidy schemes As the residential market continues to grow from annual installations of 1.8 GW in 2019 to 6 GW in 2025. Subsidy schemes have been important progressing uptake in new markets. The largest global markets – Japan and Germany – incentivised residential energy storage early on building on the high installed base of domestic rooftop solar. Australia has seen strong support from regional governments particularly in New South Wales and South Australia. These subsidies and favourable economics are leading to rapid market growth, with system shipments having reached 88% of the total 2018 shipments in the first half of 2019 based on data from the IHS Markit Residential Energy Storage Index.
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  • Julian Jansen | September 04, 2019
    After the government-led investigation into battery energy storage system fires in South Korea concluded in June 2019, the operation of systems resumed under new safety parameters and with a view to develop stricter installations and operation standards. While the industry expected demand to re-emerge in the South Korean market, the latest fire casts fresh uncertainty and highlights the depth of safety problems.
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  • Camron Barati, Julian Jansen, Youmin Rong, Ph.D. | August 21, 2019
    Under articles Section 301 of United States trade policy, the United States is set to introduce 10% tariffs on approximately $300 billion of Chinese imports by the end of 2019, including lithium-ion batteries. While tariffs for some products will be delayed until 15 December 2019, tariffs for lithium-ion batteries are to begin 1 September 2019. Because of these tariffs and others already implemented, including 25% on imported power conversion systems (PCS) and battery materials such as lithium, cobalt, nickel, and other metals, the cost of battery energy storage in the United States is projected to increase. Integrators using Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) batteries will be especially affected, due to China’s market share of the global supply chain for such products. Because raw materials are also targeted, the smaller domestic manufacturing base of lithium-ion batteries could also remain affected.
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Subscription Services

Maximize near- and long-term opportunities in the growing energy storage market. This service delivers ongoing rigorous primary research on the development and evolution of the energy storage market, including all key segments, including small and large-scale renewable integration, grid support and behind-the-meter storage.
Providing a detailed and accurate view across all key areas of the growing market for energy storage in North America. Regularly updated, detailed forecasts for the industry are accompanied by reports, databases and insights to help provide additional detail on key topics and market segments.


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  • Global PCS market forecast to reach $800 million in 2023
    Cormac Gilligan, Miguel de Jesus | August 23, 2019
    The growth of the energy storage market offers suppliers of inverters a huge growth opportunity, across a wide range of applications and regions. Many existing providers of solar inverters and industrial power electronics have moved to take a leading position in this growth market.
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  • Pressure grows on battery industry to ensure safety and sustainable industry growth.
    Sam Wilkinson, Julian Jansen, Youmin Rong, Ph.D. | August 15, 2019
    Pressure grows on battery industry to ensure safety and sustainable industry growth. Following a number of incidents involving battery fires in electric vehicles, stationary energy storage and portable electronic devices, safety concerns continue to mount around the widespread use of Li-ion batteries
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  • Mini-grids with battery energy storage are an increasingly attractive electrification solution for rural communities and businesses
    Tala Bassil | June 20, 2019
    This reports provides an analysis of the potential for battery energy storage in mini-grids in Sub-Saharan Africa, for rural communities and for remotely located commercial and industrial businesses.
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  • Sam Wilkinson, Camron Barati, Julian Jansen, Mike Longson , Tala Bassil | August 28, 2019
    The IHS Grid-Connected Energy Storage Market Tracker provides detailed analysis and forecasts of this fast-growing market. The market is segmented by siting, by region and by technology, with forecasts until 2025 presented for all major market segments. The forecasts are updated twice per year.
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  • Julian Jansen, Mike Longson | July 25, 2019
    This database presents detailed information regarding all planned and completed energy storage system (ESS) installations and the companies that are involved in these projects. The extensive database of projects provides a unique datasource to analyse real activity in the energy storage market, including the requirements of the ESS in each grid interconnection location and which technologies are being deployed to provide these services. It also presents company profiles for companies active in this market and can be used to identify what companies are leading in installations in each key region.
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  • Camron Barati, Julian Jansen, Mike Longson | April 26, 2019
    Twice yearly updates to grid-connected energy storage forecasts for North America, presented as an Excel database with PDF summary.
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  • The current status of the global energy storage market
    Julian Jansen | September 09, 2019
    This report summarizes the current deployment status market drivers, regulatory barriers, and IHS Markit near term outlook for battery energy storage systems (BESS) at a global level. The report particularly focuses on the key policy and regulatory challenges and hurdles energy storage must overcome.
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  • A global perspective on how battery energy storage markets are developing.
    Julian Jansen | September 04, 2019
    Research Manager Julian Jansen presented at Internet of Energy on the development of the global and European energy storage markets in September 2019. This presentation provided a summary of the IHS Markit global outlook for energy storage. It further evaluated the supply and demand dynamics affecting future availability and pricing for Li-ion batteries used in stationary applications.
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  • A global perspective on how energy storage markets are developing in emerging economies
    Julian Jansen | April 26, 2019
    Senior Analyst Julian Jansen presented at the ESNA Webinar on emerging energy storage markets in April, 2019. This presentation provided a summary of the IHS Markit global outlook for energy storage. It further evaluated opportunities and challenges in emerging markets.
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  • Analyst photo placeholder Associate Director, Solar & Energy Storage
    Sam Wilkinson is a Associate Director for the Solar and Energy Storage Research group at IHS Markit.

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