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Grid Defection Report - Europe - 2017

Grid defection is fast becoming an attractive alternative for customers to reduce their energy costs

June 23, 2017  | Subscribers Only

Julian Jansen Julian Jansen Research & Analysis Manager - Energy Storage, IHS Markit
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In this new report IHS Markit examines the drivers, economics and impact of grid defection. Pairing Solar PV with battery energy storage can decrease customer’s reliance on the electric grid – without reducing reliability and at prices which are becoming competitive with retail electricity rates.

This study offers a thorough analysis of  the key drivers for grid defection including economic drivers such as electricity price trends and falling prices for Solar PV and battery storage systems. At the same time it evaluates how emotional drivers are also pushing customers towards taking control of their own energy supply.

The report also investigates the fundamental economics for grid defection across a number of core European markets based on the IHS Markit in-house model, which utilises hourly customer demand profiles. Based on the results, the report highlights optimal sizing scenarios for Solar PV and battery storage installations.

The Grid Defection Report will enable you to understand the potential and impact of grid defection helping you make informed decisions when evaluating the market potential and challenges for Solar PV and battery storage solutions in Europe. 

Julian Jansen

Research & Analysis Manager - Energy Storage, IHS Markit

Julian Jansen leads global research on stationary energy storage at IHS Markit.

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