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IHS Markit Electronic Parts Management Solutions

IHS Markit Electronic Parts Management solutions offer you the unique capability to master the innovation cycle, keep ahead of obsolescence, and reduce supply chain risks, driven by the world's largest electronic component database.
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Are you concerned with shrinking product lifecycles and expanding regulations?

Are your product design cycles sensitive to part availability or obsolescence?

IHS Markit Electronic Parts Management solutions enable you to address and manage each of these areas of concern, and include:
  • BOM Intelligence (formerly BOM Manager) - Monitors parts availability, changes, compliance and production lifecycles.
  • CAPS Universe - With over 450M components, CAPS Universe is the largest parts database available.
  • API Web Services - online tool integrates CAPS data into your internal data, systems and workflows.
  • Content Services - Tailored data collection for critical material, component & supplier information.
  • PCNalert - Monitors product change notices issued by more than 600 component suppliers.
  • Conflict Mineral Software and Services - The iPoint Conflict Minerals Platform, driven by CAPS Universe.
  • CAPS+4D Connect - Industry's most comprehensive BOM cleansing and part research tool
  • CAPS+4D Enterprise - Web-based portal provides comprehensive enterprise BOM and product reporting

For more detailed information on our Electronic Parts Management products and partnerships, please visit our ihs.com Parts Webpage

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