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December 31, 2014  | Subscribers Only

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Improve sourcing decisions with this single part look-up tool powered by the world's largest electronic parts database.

You can choose to access the CAPS Universe database online or on your desktop. If you would like to integrate the IHS electronic parts database with your platform, ask about our Web Services API.

CAPS Universe now includes four (4) attributes to help you track controlled items through the supply chain, ensure proper classification of your products and maintain compliance with export regulations:

  • Export Control Classification Number (ECCN)
  • ECCN Governance (ITAR or EAR)
  • Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) Code
  • Schedule B Classification Code

With CAPS Universe you can access:

  • Tens of millions of board-level components from over 1300 worldwide manufacturers with 500+ regularly updated and current categories including:
    • Integrated circuits
    • Frequency control devices
    • Optoelectronics
    • RF / Microwave
    • Fiber optic devices
    • Inductors
    • Resistors
    • Capacitors
    • Electromechanical devices
    • Connectors
  • Normalized attributes and units for powerful parametric searching and cross-referencing across manufacturers
  • Commercial and military parts
  • Historical coverage of legacy parts
  • Documentation
    • Datasheets (current and historical)
    • Application notes and timing diagrams
    • Product Change Notices
    • End of Life Notices
    • Full Material Disclosure data sheets
  • Environmental and export compliance information:
    • EU and China RoHS compliance status & exemptions
    • REACH SVHC and PDSL presence
    • CAS accounted for weight
    • Hazardous substance concentration and weight
    • Environment Friendly Use Period
    • Compliance Number and Identifier
    • Manufacturing parameters
    • Certificates of Compliance
    • Full Material Disclosure documents
    • Material declaration data sheets
    • IPC-1752-2 Material Declarations
    • Terminal finish and JESD-609 code
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