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May 02, 2018  | Subscribers Only

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The Teardown Analytical Tool (TAT) allows you to quickly and easily find the information that you are looking for, without having to view any extraneous data. With the Teardown Analytical Tool, you are returned exactly what your search for, presented as BOM line items, bringing you the answers you need.  Use the TAT to search for specific components to know: costs, comparative costs, component design winners in device segments, find alternate parts for your products or model costs for future designs.

Common Questions Answered

  • I want to search for a part number (partial/full), feature (ex:gyroscope), or manufcature to see results across different or similar devices.
  • I only need to see a "slice" of data across multiple teardown devices.
  • I need to see use of compmonents and/or cost over time.

How it Works

  • TAT is a tool that searches all IHS teardowns that are not exclusive and any exclusive teardowns you are licensed.
  • The search terms are entered and submitted individually to create an “AND” search for those search terms within a single BOM line items.
  • Search terms can be added or removed to narrow or expand your search results accordingly.

  • Search results can be further narrowed by using the left hand navigation filters (Example: Device Type= Handset and Game System)
  • Once search results are returned, you can choose to:

  • Download all results by clicking the download icon          
  • View all results by clicking the hyperlink to view the Bill of Materials page online
  • Note – When viewing search results online, results can only be seen in groups of 5000 and are paginated.
  • Note – Downloads from the Bill of Materials page online are exactly as you see them.  If you filtered your search results even more on the Bill of Materials page online, your Excel export will only contain those items.
  • Search Results are also grouped  and subtotaled by Device Type, Device Manufacture, and Component Manufacture. 

  • The number count shown is the count of devices (or Device Manufactures, or Component Manufactures in this respective columns) that contain your search term/s.
  • If you want to quickly jump and only view or download a subset of data, these subtotals enable this for you.

  • Download you search results and visualize that data to see what insight it creates.


Q:  Can I see the Total Bill of Materials for a device in the TAT?

A:  No, the TAT is what you see is what you search for.  The Total Bill of Materials for a device is a full teardown report and can be purchased separately.

Note – You can click on the device hyperlink from the search results and it will take you to the full teardown report.  However you must be licensed to the specific report or licensed to the All Access Teardown Intelligence Service to see the full detail of the report.  If you are not licensed, then you will only be able to see the photo thumbnails on the Photo page of the teardown report. 


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