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Apps in the Car - Consumer Survey - US, UK and Germany - 2012

September 11, 2012  | Subscribers Only

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The global market for “smart homes” is booming.  While the focus so far has been on energy management systems, the markets for user- and service operator- managed security, lighting, and the integration of applications through wireless connections have reached the mass market, and are set to expand radically within the next decade.

Wireless connectivity offers low-end, mass-market equivalents of the traditionally luxury home automation systems, and consumers are responding with increased demand for intelligent systems in all home applications. This report offers an insight into what drives this demand, assessing consumer expectations for the ‘smart’ home market in terms of willingness to pay for ‘smart’ technologies, popularity of application areas, consumers’ choice over fixed cost versus monthly premiums, and purchase criteria and considerations, as well as providing extensive customer feedback on existing devices and systems. This report also addresses other key questions such as:


* Which applications, such as safety & security or energy management, are most valuable to consumers?

* What level of consumer demand is there for ‘smart’ home products, and what are the key features?

* How willing are consumers to replace existing home devices with ‘smart’ devices?

* Will consumers pay extra for ‘smart’ functionality? If so, how much? For which types of device?

* Which types of companies are most trusted by consumers to provide ‘smart’ systems?

* How important is remote access to consumers? In which applications would this feature be paramount to product success?

* How do responses vary by demographics, such as country, income and age?


Features of the report include:

* Detailed analysis of consumer responses by application and demographic.

* Extensive regional segmentation, covering the United States, United Kingdom, and three additional European and Asian countries.


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